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Awesome thread, Bloodcurse - and great comments all.
Originally Posted by Bloodcurse View Post
Some of the nicest: (not counting band members I actually know)
Karl Sanders (Nile)
Totally...very well-mannered and polite - and soft-spoken, actually - despite his screams behind the mic.

Originally Posted by Fires Of Sedition View Post
Elizabeth from Dreaming Dead
Aw, yeah. Liz rocks. She was one of the most down-to-earth band members I've ever met. Their guitarist Mike was cool, too - and their touring guitarist Laura was a real sweetheart as well. She gives great hugs.

Originally Posted by Derelict View Post

Jeff from High on Fire was hands down the coolest
Matt Pike is also really cool - I've met him twice.

Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Bill from Decrepit Birth is a nice and interesting guy to talk to.
Totally. I talked to him for several minutes at the Vader show about a year ago.

As for my was pretty much non-existent until about five years ago - but since then, I have all kinds of cool stories, videos, photos and anecdotes that I'd love to share. Maybe I'll elaborate on a few later, but for now, here is a list of some of the most memorable (besides those mentioned above):
  • Linus Jägerskog from Burst is cool as balls - we talked about tons of stuff at their gig in Detroit last year.
  • John Baizley of Baroness was also a really awesome dude when I met him in Detroit last year.
  • Jackie Gratz from Grayceon and Giant Squid is a real sweetheart - and so are Zack Farwell, Chris Lyman, Bryan Beeson and Aaron Gregory (I met all of them at their show in Chicago in 2009).
  • Phillip Cope from Kylesa was really nice when I talked to him at the Mastodon gig last year (BTW, I didn't get a chance to meet Laura Pleasants that night, but I've heard she is very cool as well).
  • The guys from Caspian are all really cool. I talked to their bassist Chris Friedrich for a while at their show last summer, and also their guitarist Erin Burke-Moran (who remembered talking to me at their gig with Red Sparowes the year before ).
  • I've met several of the guys from Pelican on more than one occasion. They are really cool - especially Laurent Lebec and Larry Herweg.
  • Brendan Tobin from Made Out of Babies (and formerly Red Sparowes) was really cool. I told him that I wanted to meet Julie Christmas that night, but was a little scared to do so. He laughed and said that she is a pretty intense individual (ya think?!?).
  • Steve Brooks from Mouth of the Architect was very personable when I met him last year.
  • Andrew Barnes of Gifts from Enola is a really nice guy. He talked to me at length at their gig with If These Trees Could Talk (who were also fairly cool) a few years ago.
  • James Farwell from Bison B.C. was pretty cool, as was Masa Anzai - I met them at the High on Fire gig in Columbus last year.
  • I met bassist / vocalist Matt Martinez of Landmine Marathon at Scion Fest last year - he seemed to be a pretty cool guy.
  • Last but not least - my brother and I were at the merch booth at the Origin show a few years ago, and we were talking about how talented the bass player was in local opening band Fully Consumed. The guy behind the counter said, "yeah, he is pretty good, for sure". Later, when Origin took the stage, we found out the guy we had been talking to was Origin's bassist / vocalist Mike Flores (who is obviously way the fuck better than the guy from Fully Consumed). Ah, good times.
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