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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
1) After them making me actually hate Raining Blood a few years ago when I saw them cover it I'm perfectly ok w/ missing them.

2) I do believe I need to see them finally do a headlining set as the support sets aren't quite enough for me.

3) Oh I hate KC crowds sometimes.

4) I don't seem to run into this anywhere else but KC.
1) This. Seeing them play Strength Beyond Strength just made me pissed off at the fact I'll never see Pantera.

2) This. They cut Bodom Beach Terror from the set for Tulsa for some reason, and it was the song I was most looking forward to. I NEED to see them play a headlining tour with Kissing The Shadows in the set.

3) This. I hate them all the time.

4) This. Never had any crowds worse than those in Kansas/Missouri.
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