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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Not condoning Watain beating crowd surfers, but really, you're crowd surfing at Watain?
No kidding. People need to understand that Watain take their music and live performances, or 'rituals' as they call them, very seriously. I would never dare to disrespect them by jumping on stage and disrupting their set.

About taking pictures, definitely just get in and out! Rad you have a pass though, I was taking photos with my SLR against the railing and in front of the mosh pit and got some pretty sweet pictures (which I will upload and edit upon arriving home) AND battle wounds.

In hindsight, I guess it's good that my camera died.. I wouldn't want to irritate them!

Originally Posted by Careenifier View Post
What was the turnout like? Some friends of mine (one who somewhat works with the promoters) were saying that about 200 people were there, and it was the same night as Ozzy... So... Well done to them, if so. Interesting tidbit about the stage presence though. Personally, I'm a big fan of music, but I don't really take ideals/lyrics very seriously...
Yeah it was a pretty decent turn out! I would say about 175 people maybe?

The dude that got beat up in the video commented on the youtube page. He sounds like a butt hurt douche-bag, and is clearly the one who knows nothing about Watain. He disrupted their ritual, every blow he received was deserved!

alright obviously you assholes know nothing of black metal, its based on hatred and darkness and death. i was flipping him off and yelling at him like i always do at shows like this. i just happened to get crowd surfed this time. and he didnt actually hit me that hard. he got me once in the eyebrow and once in the side. i dont really consider that getting my ass kicked. go change your tampon if you do.

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