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Periphery -- New York, NY -- November 13th, 2010

I actually left before Darkest Hour, but if you're interested in the Periphery/VOM sets:

-New Song
-Icarus Lives!

Talked to Bulb after the show and he said their set did get cut short though. And if there are any gear nerds like myself out there, all 3 of them are playing out of Axe FX's and it sounds fucking INCREDIBLE. Also, Spencer sounds worlds better live.

Veil of Maya:
-Crawl Back
-Dark Passenger
-It's Not Safe to Swim Today

I think I might be missing a song or two, and they were also fucking awesome. So glad I decided to keep an open mind listening to them. I don't like close to any deathcore, but this stuff is technical and djenty as FUCK. Rad show.
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