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Originally Posted by loganarchy View Post
75 is a bit different than 250. That number makes sense, though. I was kinda baffled that there were 250 people on a Wednesday night, honestly.

Not going to Overkill, but I doubt they'll get more than 40 people. Maybe 50 because of the Forbidden reunion/overall sick lineup. I saw Death Angel this summer on a Tuesday night and there were about 35-40 people there

Yeah, I've gone from wondering why bands don't play here to wondering why there are still bands that do.
I personally know about 40 people going to Overkill tonight so I'm wagering to guess your number's a bit off.

Exodus/Malevolent Creation had no people because it was DragonCon, Exodus sucks so much these days, and Malevolent Creation was here a month before that show...
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