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Watain played those songs in Vancouver as well, I'd make my own thread but unfortunately I can't remember the song order. They also had blood and about 8 pig heads hung up on the stage, the people around me were quite turned off by the stench, I found their complaints pretty comical. Anyhow, Watains performance was unbelievable; dark, powerful, mysterious and seriously out of this world. Eriks stage presence was very interesting, he occasionally hovered in a hunched over and demonic manner, and had a very distant and unrecognizable look in his eyes. He acted as if he was possessed. I didn't notice any behavior out of the ordinary from any other members.

In interviews I've watched, Erik states he cannot remember most details from a show, and I know he practices Satanism.. they make me question if there truly is a dark force which they, but specifically Erik, somehow channels. What do you guys think? I mean, he is a rather serious and private individual, he doesn't go into details about his lyrics and claims writing takes an emotional toll on him. It just seems very real..

Whatever the case, there is something very special about Watain and I am extremely honored I was able to attend.
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