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Ozzy Osbourne -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- November 14th, 2010

What a fantastic night from the Ozz man, nothing short of amazing this setlist!!!

NIB, Into The Void, Fairies Wear Boots... just non stop classics. Killer Of Giants was good to hear as well.

Got this setlist off since I couldnt remember everything that was played. I am quite suprised at how many songs Ozzy was able to do in one go. His voice cracked a bit of course but it was nothing like ive seen before (mainly Sabbath at ozzfest in 05)

wish I had the Halford set for ya, if anyone has it plz post.

Bark at the moon
Let me hear you scream
Mr crowley
I dont know
Suicide solution
Fairies wear boots
Road to nowhere
Rat salad/solos
Shot in the dark
Iron man
Killer of giants
Flying high again
I dont wana change the world
War pigs
No more tears
Crazy train
Mama im comin home
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