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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
The thing that I loved about GTA III the most was the whole "Scareface" sountrack that they put in III. PUSH IT TO THE LIMITS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WALK ALONG THE RAZORS EDGE!!!! shes on fire, fire!!!!! ahahahahhahah I fucking loved those tunes
Hell yes! I used to always listen to Flashback FM in that game, the only other station I would listen to was Lazlo's talk radio one due to the crazy ass people who would call in to talk to him. I remember a few times I went careening off a bridge into the water because I was cracking up.

One other thing I will say about Vice City was the game was definitely frustrating at times. A friend of mine got so pissed at the final mission he snapped a practically brand new dualshock 2 in half!

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