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All That Remains -- Columbus, OH -- November 12th, 2010

Showed up late and only saw half of And She Whispered's set. They weren't very good, but they got the crowd energized and didn't hurt my ears.

I never really listened to Born of Osiris, but I guess they were alright. Huge moshing in the crowd. This was my first concert with moshing in probably over a year. I had a blast, despite a few near-fights, being drenched in sweat, and getting hit in the head numerous times.

Back to the band: I didn't know any of their songs, and I couldn't hardly hear the guitar anyway. For whatever reason, I feel like these 'new' bands are playing death metal/metalcore/deathcore whatever with intricate guitar work, but then they turn the bass and drums up so loud live that you can barely hear the weedly-weedly guitar. Oh well. I have no desire to check out BOO after tonight, but no complaints.

Asking Alexandria were energetic, got the crowd moving. A friend of mine was complaining afterwards that they manipulate the drums somehow....make is sound faster than it really is and the clean vocals were lip-sang...they had an audio track doing clean vocals behind the (dual) screams. I didn't notice, but that makes me think that they are hacks. The "Oh My God" part of The Final Episode was pretty cool, but again, I have no desire to explore further.

All That Remains were badass. They lowered the lights and started playing a song over the PA. Lo and behold, it was Hang On Sloopy, the song that Ohio State plays at football games and everyone does the O-H-I-O thing with their arms. I'm a Buckeye, a lot of the people there were also students (venue was across the street from our student Union), and everyone else was at least an pretty much the entire crowd was doing it.That was an awesome start to the show.

They played the same set they've been playing. The mosh pits were crazy, I got hit in the head by crowd surfers but never lost my glasses. Sang along to most of the songs from Overcome and Fall of Ideals. They're a really good live band and Phil has a great stage presence. I definitely recommend seeing them.

01. Now Let Them Tremble (intro)
02. For We Are Many
03. Six
04. Forever in Your Hands
05. Before the Damned
06. Aggressive Opposition
07. Chiron
08. The Air That I Breathe
09. Hold On
10. Dead Wrong
11. This Calling
12. Become the Catalyst
13. Some of the People, All of the Time
14. Not Alone
15. This Darkened Heart
16. Two Weeks
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