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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
I'm still new to this so go easy on me...

We can just post set lists from bands and shows that we didn't even go too? I thought this section was entirely dedicated to people who attended the shows and write how there experience was. I notice some of the bands that are posted on here are by people that didn't even go to the concert and just post the set off some internet source......I was just curious that's all
Yes, you can post sets of shows you didn't go to. 95 percent of the members here live in North Amercia so it's easy to keep track of sets when a band tours around here. But the membership in other parts of the world it is far less so there won't always be reports coming in from certian areas around the world.

The page is a good source for this. Rarely is there a problem with the sets posted on the page and if there is usually someone fixes it.
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