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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
Highlights? I think you forgot to add "Whiplash" to that.

as for the setlist. Pretty Solid. No Remorse is an amazing song to hear live in concert. I've had the pleasure of hearing the song Twice in concert. I wish they would make that as a "Staple"

Also they should have kicked out "Memory Remains" and replaced it with something else such as Welcome Home Sanitarium or Ride the Lightning..

Not only that but I'm not too big on cover songs. They should boot those out and replace em' with.....hmmm Fight Fire with I smell another staple?
You are aware that Metallica rotates like 8 songs a night and all the songs you say should be played still are with regularity? Just go to the bottom of the page and where it says "tags" click on "metallica" and you'll see all the sets from this tour. That way you don't gotta waste time saying they need to do this or that when in fact they still do the songs you want.

I like that they rotate the old songs though. It not only keeps it fresh for the band while perfoming but it keeps the fans interest and keeps them talking about the shows. A Metallica show is a big event but by making the set a bit different every night it allows the fans to see a set that was done "just for them".

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