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Originally Posted by Elvenking View Post
well its Chicago, its in a kinda bad area, and he had a knife on him, which he did not use against me, honestly the whole situation is weird, we just know the one hipster bartender hates us.
I take it you're talking about Bill there.. and then further more Rich when it comes to Reggies hating on them. It's nice that they have been more loose with them lately. For the most part at shows.. wherever Rich or Bill are, I am nearby as I typically hang with them at shows. Chances are we have probably met?

Now to the OP:
There really are quite a few African Americans at shows. Mainly a heavy set dude and then the dude with dreads who is in the local band Kastasyde. Sounds like it was a fun time @ the Nile show, I had to skip it tho since I had prior obligations.
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