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Overkill -- Baltimore, MD -- November 8th, 2010

Sonar had all the bands before Forbidden in a different room, and the room that Overkill and Forbidden were due to play in was closed at the start; I noticed it was open after Gama Bomb, and keen on being at the front for the headliners, stayed in that room, so I missed Evile this time around.

Gama Bomb:

Zombie Blood Nightmare
Final Fight
Three Witches
Hammer Slammer
We Respect You
Slam Anthem
Hell Trucker
Bullet Belt
Zombi Brew


Alpha Century
March Into Fire
Step By Step
Adapt or Die
Forsaken at the Gates
Twisted Into Form
Through Eyes of Glass
Omega Wave
Chalice of Blood


The Green & Black
Rotten to the Core
The Wrecking Crew
Give a Little
Long Time Dyin'
Hello from the Gutter
Where It Hurts
Nice Day... For a Funeral
Bring Me the Night
Fuck You

Bonded By Blood is still pretty ok.

Gama Bomb was again great, a very fun live band. Threw in "Hell Trucker" based on audience requests. Hopefully these guys can go on more US tours.

Forbidden was solid, a shame that they didn't play "Forbidden Evil" since that song rips, but still a great performance. The guitarist playing the Dean ML has a great stage presence, but seems to be plagued by equipment problems.

Overkill, second time seeing them and if you haven't seen them live by now, you really aren't going to be convinced to go to their show based on what I write here. Great show, by the Wrecking-Crew, I could have done without "Damned" but that's about it.
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