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Originally Posted by Fratt View Post
Now I get what they meant by people who "don't take the joke". Which is funny because beside being a joke, Powerglove's music is more technical and complexe than Firewind's. If you don't like seeing people having fun screaming Power Rangers, too bad, don't feel the need to bash them like your life is at risk.

You sir, fail at Metal
1) I am very capable of taking a joke. I just don't like joke metal, ESPECIALLY if it's being taken seriously by so many people who just follow it because it's the new hip thing. Also, I don't just how good music is solely by how complex it is. I also don't care how complex music is in the studio if the band can't pull it off live - which from the performance I saw, Powerglove definitely could not.

2) Why do I fail at metal? I've talked to people who like Death Metal who still don't like The Absence.

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