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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
There is no "Top 10" untill you've seen This band In concert....once you've seen these guys there is no such thing as a SO CALLED "TOP 10"....This band rapes all the top 10 concert of anyones and stomps it in a mud hole and leaves it to die in a gutter

anyone that tells you they have seen slayer and they suck live is either
*Full of shit, in denial, or just happend to catch the band on a bad day on got a sloppy performance*....happens to the best of us
I am not full of shit, in denial, but I guess I saw them on an off night... TWICE. They are a great live band, but I can think of 10 concerts that raped some of theirs, and I can also name many performances that were better then theirs. So yes, your wrong, at everything you say.
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