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Megadeth -- Phoenix, AZ -- November 6th, 2010

*I'm gonna have to write the "official" review seperately, but this is more of a personal story (along with the set list of course)*

Wow I haven't been on this website in a while. Even had to reset my password just to get in.

Anyway, so on Thursday, my friend Chad asked me the coolest thing anyone has ever asked. He goes, 'Hey man, I have an extra ticket to the Megadeth show in Phoenix and no one to go with. Do you want to go?' I was like fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we left LA at 9 AM, just stopped twice on the way for gas and food and were doing 80 almost all the way through. Got to the venue by 3 o' clock and found the right entrance by 3.30. It wasn't a long wait at all, specially because we met my buddy who lives in Phoenix itself. He had saved a spot for us. They patted us down at 5 o clock and let us in at 5.30.

Megadeth went on at 7 o clock. NO OPENING BANDS. Fucking beautiful. When I saw the Endgame stage setup, I knew they weren't gonna do RIP in entirety. Add to that the fact that I saw cameras and stage mics, which meant we were being filmed. The camera guy took plenty of shots of me going mental, plus I got Shawn Drover's wrist band at the end and after that a lady walked up to me with Dave Mustaine's white wrist band and goes, 'Here, I think you want this'. And of course I took it gleefully. Fucking flipped out crazy when they did "Wake Up Dead", "Angry Again" and "Sweating Bullets", and enjoyed every minute of the show in general. Front row and center. Best Megadeth show of my life.
FYI the ticket price was just 24 bucks each for the GA floor, all fees included.

My pictures from the show (not professional this time but still some of them came out great since I had such a good spot):

Set list:
1. Wake Up Dead
2. In My Darkest Hour
3. She Wolf
4. Skin O' My Teeth
5. Holy Wars
6. Hangar 18
7. Five Magics
8. Poison Was The Cure
9. Tornado Of Souls
11.Angry Again
12.How The Story Ends
14.A Tout Le Monde
15.Sweating Bullets
16.Symphony Of Destruction
17.Peace Sells
18.Holy Wars (Reprise)

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