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Watain -- Pittsburgh, PA -- November 6th, 2010

This was the first night of Watain's US tour with Goatwhore and Black Anvil.

I arrived at the show right before the second local band, Storm King started playing. I checked them out online the other day and was much more impressed with them then than I was tonight. They weren't bad, but they weren't something I would listen to.

Next was Black Anvil. I was looking forward to seeing these guys. I have heard most of Triumvirate and thought that they would be awesome live. They definitely would have been, but the sound was pretty far off. They did put alot of energy into their performance, and they were still really good. I'll probably pick up their album soon, and I hope to see them again when there's some better sound. I don't know what their set was.

Next was Goatwhore. This is my third time seeing them overall, as well as this year. Even though they were great the first two times I saw them, I wasn't really anticipating them that much this time. Well it turns out that they were even better this time than before. They played most of the same songs, but switched up a couple. I was suprised as all hell whenever he said they were playing 'In the Narrow Confines of Defilement'. Great performance.

Goatwhore: (Most likely out of order in the middle)
This Passing Into the Power of Demons
Provoking the Ritual of Death
??? (Something off of the first two albums)
Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult
Razor Flesh Devoured
Carving Out the Eyes of God
The All-Destroying
In the Narrow Confines of Defilement
In Legions, I Am Wars of Wrath
Apocalyptic Havoc

They may have played another older song, but I'm not sure.

And last was Watain. After what I thought was an unnecessarily long wait the intro music to 'Malfeitor' started. I could feel the tension building and a strange presence filled the room. They erupted into 'Malfeitor' and they were fucking awesome. Erik Danielsson was running all over the stage with the mic stand, and the other guys were all playing with equal energy. The crowd seemed like they knew mostly everything too, which was a suprise, but definitely a plus. I was on the rail from when Black Anvil started until the end of the night, and that was an experience, especially for Watain. I couldn't hardly get any decent pictures of Watain because it was dark for alot of their set, and when it wasn't, it was still too dark for my phone. I did expect them to play a set that was a little bit longer, but it was great. The sound also suffered at some points too, with the guitars being buried or the vocals sounding very distorted, but I really can't complain. 'Total Funeral' and 'Stellarvore' were two highlights for me. They also played an encore of 'On Horns Impaled'. Great way to end the night!

Devil's Blood
Satan's Hunger
Reaping Death
Sworn to the Dark
Total Funeral
Waters of Ain
On Horns Impaled

Also, there was no blood.

I didn't really check out Goatwhore or Black Anvil's merch, but all of Watain's shirts were awesome. One had the all of the lyrics to Reaping Death on the back, there was one with the mock of the statue of liberty on the front and tour stops on the back, and another one with the logo on the front and writing on the back, I don't remember what though. There were also two long sleeve shirts, and a zip up hoodie (which I bought) that has a biker style logo on the back that says "Watain Militia", with skulls and knives in the middle. One sleeve says "Lawless Darkness" and the other says "Black Metal Magic".

In the end, I still would have rather seen Behemoth headline and Watain play as direct support, but seeing Watain headline was a great experience. This was a rare occurence of a totally awesome lineup (sans the local bands), and I'm really glad I could make it.

Only two more shows left this year. Next friday is Enslaved (one of my favorite bands) and Blood Red Throne at the Dimmu show, and then The Sword next month.
I've lost track of just about everything.

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