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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Sepultura69, I appreciate your passion for Slayer but you are in a Danzig thread, what exactly does talking about Slayer have to do with the topic at all? There's plenty of other threads where they can be discussed and get this, you can even create ones yourself if you want. Instead of relaying in unrelated threads about how great Slayer is and the first time you saw Metallica how about you just create a seperate threard for those show reviews? You're allowed to do that, the shows don't have to be recent at all, you can give a review of any show you've been to BY GIVING IT IT'S OWN THREAD!!! Unless you're gunning for being one of the most annoying posters on here which you're well on your way to being
My bad man, At least your not like the other dip shits that get overly angry at my Posts and respond with something like "CUT IT OUT BRO, YOUR BOLD POSTINGS ARE HURTING MY VAGINA" Well thats pretty much what there saying anyways..

As for most annoying poster? Nah I'm not trying intentionally, since my first post here alot of people *Raven, Children of sodom, Powermaiden ect* all seem to have a problem with me and I'm not doing it intentionally at all but whatever...I didn't come on these forums to impress or please anybody

again sorry about that man, i dig your honesty and sincerity
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