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Originally Posted by Magson13 View Post
That setlist isn't as great as the one I got. I saw him in June, first date of that nine show mini tour. He didn't play Ju Ju Bone or Deth Red Moon here, but he played Do You Wear The Mark, Until You Call On The Dark, Kiss The Skull, and It's Coming Down. Tommy Victor is on guitar, Steve Zing is on bass, and Johnny Kelly is on drums. Thirteen was cool to hear, except for the fact that all the posers knew it simply because of The Hangover.... Did you notice Danzig's hair? As he played, it seemed to thin more and more throughout the set. Also, his gut is quite noticable. kinda depressing that he doesn't take care of himself like he used to.
This tour was the official one for DRM so that's why he's doing a few more newer ones as opposed to this summer. I would've loved to have heard UYCOTD and another song off HTGK but what are you gonna do about it? I really wasn't paying attention to Glenn's hair at all because checking out the progression of full to thin in somebody's hair isn't a top priority for me when seeing someone live Excessive sweating will do that to anybody's hair though.

Yes, his waist line has expanded a bit over the years but he's far from being in bad shape at all. It appeared to me he's still in good shape and taking care of himself. The man is 55 it's not like he can shed the pounds as easily as he used to even if he still works out regularly. It's not that he isn't taking care of himself it's just an age issue.
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