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Danzig -- Buffalo, NY -- November 4th, 2010

Intro: Wotans Procession
Twist Of Cain
Hammer of the Gods
Deth Red Moon
Tired of Being Alive
Her Black Wings
How The Gods Kill
On a Wicked Night
Ju Ju Bone
Bringer Of Death
Black Angel, White Angel

She Rides
Long Way Back From Hell

Excellent show from Danzig at the Town Ballroom here in Buffalo last night. He still sounds great live and still has some good power in his voice. The crowd was into the whole show and sang a long loudly with everything especially the older stuff. Danzig held the mic out for people up in front to sing along several times and was slapping hands and locking horns with people which is always cool to see. The new stuff got a solid reaction to, HOTG and DRM being the best recived of the night. I would've prefered to hear either The Revengful or Rebel Spirits instead of Ju Ju Bone but the song came off well live. HOTG and DRM were awesome live though. I was also surprised to see people moshing during the set. He's never had music I would consider "moshable" but the people doing it last night proved me wrong.

The venue he played holds 1,200 and while it wasn't a sell out I would say it was close to a thousand people there. Though i've never been great with estimating crowd sizes, that's just my guess. The main highlights of the show were the songs off the first three albums. Though everything was played so well that I could consider everything a highlight. I have no clue who's in the band besides Glenn but they played very well last night and they made the older stuff sound heavier live

At 55, Danzig is still in great shape, singing well and spazing out on stage like he always has. While I would've prefered to hear me some Am I Demon, Snakes Of Christ or Dirty Black Summer instead of the boring downer Thirteen i've been to enough concerts by now to know you can't get everything all the time. But at least Danzig didn't ignore those albums completely and knows what most of the fans are there to hear.

My voice is hoarse today. I didn't think I was singing louder than I normally do for concerts but I guess I was. Though during songs like TOC, TOBA, HTGK and Mother it's hard not to sing at the top of your lungs for those. If he's coming to your area deffinitley go. You're in for a fun and very energetic show
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