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1. Living Dead Beat
2. Silent Night, Bodom Night
3. Follow The Reaper
4. Bed of Razors
5. Hell hounds on My Trail
6. Six Pounder
7. BloodDrunk
8. Children of Decadence/ Chokehold(Cocked and Fully Loaded
-Dead Beats-(Drum Solo)
9. Angels Don't Kill
10. Needled 24/7
11. If You Want Peace Prepare For War
12. Touch Like Angel of Death
13. Banned From Heaven
14. Bodom After Midnight
-Roope Solo-
15. Done With Everything, Die For Nothing
16. Tie My Rope
17. Are You Dead Yet?

18.- Alexi v.s Janne solo-/ Oops...I Did It Again
19. Deadnight Warrior
20. Lake Bodom
21. HateBreeder
22. Punch Me I Bleed
23. Kissing The Shadows

Encore 2
24. Hate Crew Death Roll
25.Children of Bodom
26. Downfall
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