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Thanks for the personnel changes, I'll go back and edit the review for the relevant parts. Though as a note I didn't think that was Thomas doing the bass parts there on Hellequin, I didn't know who it was so I just mentioned that I enjoyed hearing it. I figured it was an actual trained opera singer.

I'm still kinda confused by some of the female "non opera" vocals on this album like in the song Sitra Ahra. I'm pretty sure thats not just Lori, so who is it? Its not Linnea, and Katarina is not mentioned in the liner notes. Someone from the Therion website said there was a new girl they used on a few studio tracks because at the time Katarina was unavailable, I don't know if thats true. He was also the one who told me about Peter doing the vocals on 2012 so I assumed he was correct. Odd that she would not be credited in the liner notes though. I just downloaded them today, and I'm quite vindicated to see I was right about the harmonica and accordion on Land of Canaan.

I like Dinn for two reasons. Foremost it reminds me of Demonoid (which is one of my favorite death metal albums, period) and also because it reminded me a bit of very old Therion (only with its brevity and vocal style though, the production here is obviously way better than older Therion). Overall I think Kings of Edom was my favorite, though I really did like Kali Yuga III alot.

I still don't think its as strong as Gothic Kaballah, but still damn good, your mileage obviously will vary on that one. There is no Adulruna Redeviva on this album, there are some good longer songs, some very good indeed but nothing that really blew me away like Adulruna did.

I think your review is very accurate in capturing the radical difference between Gothic Kabbalah and this one. Though I do think Kaballah managed to achieve a more....mainstream appropriate mix..vocally. I think while it may be stylistically somewhat incoherent, what I like about Therion is when they write a metal track they do it really well (TOF the Trinity for example). I've always thought of Secret of the Runes as their most cohesive effort though.
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