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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
No doubt at about that. I have to admit that I lost interest in him way back when he comitted career suicide with his fifth album. But he's gotten back to the form we all love him for on the new one and Circle Of Snakes. Too bad I didn't know that Circle was that good and that heavy of an album when it came out otherwise it wouldn't have taken until DRS to reignite my interest in him again.

I'll be seeing this show on Thursday and it should be a good time. While I would prefer something else from the first four albums instead of the two he's doing off of Satan's Child, it's still a well balanced set covering his career.
Same here. I had an opp to get circle but passed then just like 6 months ago I did and way worth it. And Deth Red should have followed 4p. I'm fuckin psyched for the 20th.
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