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hows it going guys? I'm new to this forum and just wanted to comment on this show. I'm Gary and I'm one of the guitarists of I hear they burn for murder. I'm the first one in the band to actually read this thread, and I don't got no hard feelings or anything towards your comments etc. I'm kind of confused because some of the comments say one of us posted something on here or something??? we all got opinions and I respect what you all have to say about us and the other bands that played. to be honest I'm kind of shocked that treghet claims we have a horrible guitar tone! I personally play a marshall all tube half stack, and schecter guitars with seymour duncans and have actually gotten a lot of good feedback on my set up from numerous bands and techs but once again we all got our different opinions and what not. and to Andrew from Invection I was the one who let you borrow my cab and thanks for the kind words you guys were pretty cool as well! regardless to what people thought of us I had a blast playing this show and meeting all the other cool bands that night. it was a pretty sick lineup and every band brought something new to the table with different styles/sounds which was pretty awesome. in my opinion I'm going to say besides suffocation, through the eyes of the dead were my favorite they have great songs that are always heavy and really get you headbanging.
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