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Originally Posted by HailANDKill View Post
Yes, Drew. That is Dabeed.

And as far as your complaint against moshers... pleeeeease, you're at a metal show. I had a blast skankin' around for Warbanger. It'd been too long since I'd have seen them and the crowd was actually getting into it more, rather than just 5 dudes. FUN FUN FUN show.
I' not saying it isn't fun for you guys. It's just not for me. I care more about watching the band and how they play then just beating the shit out of other people. I get that it's the Metal culture, but I'm a musician first and a Metalhead second. I'll always care more about the music.

Don't get me wrong. it's fun for a song or two. A few of the kidney punches I got missed and actually felt good against my lower back that was starting to hurt from standing. But anything more then that, I'm out.
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