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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
I like how his post has disappeared.
I'm Andrew (vocalist/guitarist) for Invection, I think he was probably a member of the band who signed up to pretend he was a fan and defend the band. I've seen a lot of bands do that but I really don't understand it because it's always so easy to see through; just say you're a member of the band and take the criticism and see what you could've done better. I didn't get to see the band but they were extremely nice and let me use their cab so I can't really say anything bad about their set (taking cheap shots at us by saying they heard other people ripping on us is pretty lame though, in a review you should say what YOU think, not what others think; if someone said that thats their opinion and not everyone will like something but trying to demean someone else to bring you up is pretty fucked up). I always love feedback so stuff like this is awesome and I appreciate it; the show was definitely amazing and our set was fun despite the horrible kickdrum sound dominating the monitors haha, I basically had to look at my guitar to hear what I was playing the first few songs.

I decided to sign up to give my 2 cents on that but I've been watching this forum at a lot because I check it for sets before I go to shows, maybe I'll start posting more if I end up going to more shows in the future (had to stop due to money).
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