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Originally Posted by insipidzombie View Post
Band: All That Remains
The openers (Asking Alexandria, Born Of Osiris, and And She Whispered) were pretty awful in my opinion, but they seemed to please the crowd (which was very young)
Yeah... I'm seeing this tour in a couple of weeks and this is what I'm worried about. All 3 of those bands are super-scene, ESPECIALLY Asking Alexandria. I actually don't mind Born of Osiris, since they have some pretty awesome technical guitar riffs going on in their songs, but they still attract those deathcore-scene-karate-kids. Ugh. Gross.

AA is such a shittier, lower genre of music than All That Remains. Really not looking forward to that... but on the lighter side, maybe all the scene kids will leave for All That Remains!

Originally Posted by MPF View Post
I have a good feeling that all but 1, maybe 2 songs pre TFOI will ever be played again.
Such a shame. Those were such sick albums. TFOI is pretty awesome too imao, but Overcome super, super mediocre. Reminded me how Trivium shot themselves to Hell with The Crusade. Haven't listened much to For We Are Many, yet. Perhaps this show will influence my decision on getting it? Methinks so. "For We Are Many" is , but "Hold On" is uber. Shatty song. I can't stand albums that have shitty filler songs in them.

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