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Originally Posted by Davemeistro View Post
Yeah me too actually. After Narcosynthesis I headed back behind the pit on the right side, where it was a little roomier, and where I wouldnt hit twenty people in the face when I headbang, haha.

Yeah, they are all definitely cool dudes. I remember the first time I saw them when they opened for Overkill at the Rock a few years back, after they played their set they got off stage and thanked me and my friends for showing up, running around, and what have you. Every time after that that I've talked to them they've been super nice, and on one occasion I remember both Johns told me they remembered me
Yeah the moshers suck. I've never dug moshing, ninja kicks, circle pits, etc. To me if you need to more then headbang and fist pumping/devil horns, you're an asshole. I was in the front because, usually there is no moshing going on at station 4 thanks to the poles. I guess it depends on the show.

In speaking of Station 4, I find it really shitty how they have Nile and Watiain and fucking Trapt next month all around the same time. Two great metal shows and one of the worst Hard Rock bands around....but then again 2 days before I play The Garage in Burnsville *November 13th* Brokencyde is playing the same venue. O si guess I can't complain too much about that.

I'm pretty sure after last night the guys in Warbringer will never forget who I am.
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