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Originally Posted by jpaut View Post
I was just disappointed that there were no new Nevermore shirts for this tour. I didn't care much for either Blackguard or Warbringer, I just can't get into the screaming vocals. I thought Warrel sounded like he was straining a bit the first 5 or so songs, but he definitely sounded great from that point on. I can't believe Loomis...I don't think I can get my fingers to move that fast without a guitar in my hands let alone while shredding it up on stage, amazing!
I can see where you are coming from. But to me the screaming doesn't bother me. It just adds to the power of the live show. The music is what I always pay the most attention to.

I noticed that with Warrell as well. It wasn't till after Moonrise it seemed like he getting the hang of it again.

My guitarist is so pissed that I talked with Loomis. Loomis is one of his heroes and he decided to go on a date rather then go to Nevermore last night. I mean I hope is date went good, but damn he missed a hell of a night.
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