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Dude ... yeah, i gotta calm down, i get a bit pissed when the wrong information is shown to the whole world. Please be aware that some of us can get busy by doing other stuff rather than correcting setlists. I was gonna do it now but i see you've corrected it yourself, good on you.

I got the full setlist of LOCH VOSTOK by the way:

A Mission Undivine
Repeat Offender
Energy Taboo

I was really impressed by them. Most of the songs are not from the 3 albums they've put out so i'm gussing the new one will be something we're all gonna have to check out.

Leprous' music was quite interesting but some of the members gotta work on their stage presence.

Therion were great but i was more (visually) impressed with the shows they did at The Fridge in Brixton and the Mean Fiddler 2-3 years ago.

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