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I was there. the guy in the Testament work shirt. For Warbringer you forgot that they closed with Combat Shock.

Man, do I gotta saga for you guys!!! *the most interesting stuff is after a few paragraphs*

It starts off at 5:30 today *or yesterday depending on how you look at it* I bought a ticket and I met my good friend and producer Steve, of the band, This Will Not End Well. He lives above Station 4 and he had his son with him and they were about to go to Mall Of America for Trick Or Treating, but be back by 8 so we could see Nevermore. So I tagged a long. Trick or Treating at MOA is a fucking joke, if it wasn't for one friend of Steve's that was working, his son would have had 4 pieces of candy and stickers...and that's it! Fucking LAME!!

So we get back to Station 4 about 10 to 8 and much to our dismay. Abigail Williams *who only played this show of the tour for a one off gig* already was off stage. FUCK!!! So to make up for it. I hung out with the guys In Abigail Williams during the first few Hatesphere songs I bought a shirt/cd package for $20 from them. They also told me not to worry about missing their show because they'll be back before I know it...that's a good sign!

So Hatesphere is up next, and I gotta admit, I never really knew about these guys before, but now I'm a huge fan. Nice Thrashy Metal with screams. My kinda band. Heavy as hell live.

Next up was Blackguard. First off, a big FUCK YOU to the haters of Blackguard. I've heard them shit talked for months before seeing them tonight and I almost started to believe the hype, until I saw them live. Power Thrash Metal...WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT????! I hope these guys make it big, they absolutely deserve it...and I'm in love with the drummer. Nothing like a sexy female drummer....

This is where the fun begins...

Warbringer is completely dressed up. John Kevill was dressed up as The Time Wizard. Fucking hilarious. The others were Fred Durst, a Juggalo, Slash, and the skull guy from the Warbringer t-shirts. During their set, I'm guessing a friend of theirs was in a dress and decided to go crowd surfing.only problem. He's 250lbs+, and he landed on top of me. But I still managed to pull through despite being almost knocked out. At the very end of their set. John Neville looked directly at me and said "ARE YOU READY FOR A FUCKING CROWD SURF???" and I said "YEAH" because what else was I going to say? No? Fuck That! so He jumped right on top of me *that's two for two now for those keeping track.* Except this time, his shoe got me right in the face!. Bent my galsses in half, I'm surprised I was able to bend them back without breaking them. But that's what I get for being 6ft 4in and in the front row.

Finally *but not to the end of the story by a long shot* was Nevermore. As mentioned above Jeff Loomis was in a Hot Dog Costume during the The Termination Proclamation. Warrell Dane had a gold mask *He seemed kinda pissy tonight. Maybe that's just how he is*, Van Williams was a giant Banana, The other guitarist was Jason from Friday the 13th. *I caught his hockey Mask, more on that later* and Jim Shepard was a med-evil guy. After Moonrise. I couldn't take the kidney punches, asshole moshers and still trying to survive the kick in the face from earlier. I had to leave the front and sit down. Yeah I know, that's not Metal, but hey A guy can only take so much damage. So I stood in the back and talked to the guys from Blackguard, Hatesphere, and Warbringer *again more on these guys later* the rest of the time while enjoying the music. I got them all to sign my Jason Hockey Mask, which is fucking badass!

After the show I hung around a while, while Waiting for Steve to come back from hanging out with the rest of the bands *he was on the guest list*. and he told me if I stuck around and hung out at his place, Nevermore was coming up to his place so they could shower and chill until they had to head out on the road. So we talked to the Tour Manager and I gave him my cell phone number so we knew when to let him to Steve's place. Sadly they had to leave right away. Apparently Jim Shepard fell in the Road construction around Station 4 *if you're from around here, you know how shitty it is there right now thanks to the Light Rail* and he suffered a pretty bad head injury...well at least bad enough to where he needed ice and to head out right away. But I did get to talk to all the guys in Nevermore, I didn't have them sign my Hockey mask because I completely forgot and it didn't feel right to do.

Lets move ahead to about 2:30am tonight...

I'm up at Steve's apartment listening to the mix of my band's debut album and it's sounding badass and outside I hear a loud crash I look out the window and ALL the guard rails surrounding Station 4, again because of the road construction, toppled over in a domino fashion...

About a half hour later I go outside to hang out with a new lady friend of mine and two of the guys from Warbringer come to talk to us and they tell us a great story.

Anyways they got high and drunk and decided to take ALL the steel guardrails and create a GIANT pyramid *I really hope they post the picture they showed us of it on their Myspace or Facebook within the next day or 2* and as soon as the picture was shot, one of them decided to climb up this newly made pyramid, and it toppled over on him!!! Luckily, all that happened was some minor bruising but he could have died.

After that we talked for a little while longer having a good time talking about music and dick jokes, and my new lady friend offered them a place to crash until they had to head out in the morning. If I was smart I would have taken her up on her offer to join them, but I live an hour and a half in the other direction and I had to come home tonight. With or without Warbringer, I'll take her up on her offer next time of coming over to her place.

Hour and a half later. I'm reporting back on here.

Anyways that's my long drawn out story. Hope you guys dug it!
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