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Originally Posted by MetalDoug View Post
RavenHeart! Please DO NOT post WRONG setlists!!! The song "Secret Of The Runes" was NOT played and the order is slightly wrong too!!
Yes, because I did that on purpose just to fuck with you Calm yourself. Care to actually offer the corrections? Or are you just content to complain? When you've posted over 200 100% correct setlists, then you can mouth off without being helpful.

They definitely playing *something* between Sitra Ahra and Typhon. Everywhere else on the tour it has been The Secret of The Runes. If it wasn't this time, what was it?

The order is not wrong. However, there may be one or two songs which are. I wasn't 100% sure about Clavicula Nox, Wine of Aluqah, The Siren of the Woods or Secret of The Runes. There were songs in all of those positions, and those were the positions those songs were played in everywhere else. Everything around them is correct. 'Ljusalfheim' was played elsewhere. Was that one of them?

Tell me which songs you are certain are wrong and I'll change it.

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