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Overall great concert. I don't know about you, but I was getting the vibe that the majority of the people were there to see Vader, including me. I was on the rail the whole time (completely amazing), but the huge pit going on for all of Vader pretty much died out when Immolation took the stage. I'll admit that I haven't really heard a lot of Immolation, but I've always heard how important they are to death metal. Incredibly glad I saw them; they put on a sick show.

I have to agree that the guys in Immolation and Vader were super nice. Both bands took time to walk around at the end of their set and shake everybody's hand in the front . It was sexy awesome. Even the guys in Lecherous Nocturne and Abigail Williams were pretty nice, both thanking everybody for the small amounts of applause they got after every song. Its awesome to see that the most extreme forms of metal have the nicest, down-to-earth guys.
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Vader-I was pissed we didnt get an encore, but i guess they were short on time. After they played thier last song we were all yelling for more and Piotr came out and told us they didnt have time.
They didnít have time? Seriously? Vader ended at like, 9:15-ish and Immolation finished around 10:20. Super early! I still had the entire night to go out after that. I would have killed to see another Vader song. On a positive note, that was one of the best-run set ups Iíve ever seen. It took them about 15 minutes tops to switch bands. When I saw Behemoth earlier this year, I had to wait an hour between each band, and they didnít get on stage until 12:30 am.

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Abigial Williams-
Oh and during their set, their was some dude who im sure was trippin on something (my guess is ecstasy due to they way he was moving). He was motioning along to all the parts of AW's set like he was fucking the air and was moving around not noticing anyone around him. Everyone was makin fun of him it was really funny, also because he was some gay looking Asian kid with a combover
YES! Haha that guy was right behind me to the right, since I was on the rail. Directly in front of him was this poor woman with her boyfriend/husband, and he kept knocking her in the head with his hand motions! Whatever; good for him. He was the only one super into AW that I could see.

I remember checking out AW a couple years ago, and they were this interesting, unique band that was kind of a metalcore/black metal crossover. Their guitarist was doing all these sweep arpeggios and flashy stuff which was cool. Now, howeverÖ they sounded very generic. Not only did they lose their keyboardist, but they totally changed their image. Iím not a huge black metal fan; the only band I love is Emperor. It all kind of bleeds together and sounds the same to me. Meh.

In the end, that was an awesome night of Death Metal. I missed Pathology, but Iíll just catch them again in a couple weeks when I see Nile. That show looks like its gonna be orgasmic, also
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