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I actually have an eating disorder that prevents me from eating big portions and my stomach is usually weak against greasy food. So I mostly eat fish, chicken, pizza, fruits and granola bars. I don't drink any alcohol at all and just stick to ginger ale and water mostly.

I also have scoliosis so I can't bench too much so for my workout I actually have a bunch of 2x4's in my garage and I use a handsaw to cut 2 pieces with each of my arms every night. And then... 10 pull ups, 200 situps, 30 pushups, lift a 15lb weight 100 times on each arm, and 100 times on each arm on those rubber stretch things.

My body is toned but not big at all. I was fat when I was 14(17 now) but ever since high school I've started slimming down to a twig, but just the beginning of this year all these stomach problems started occurring. So since the summer I've been really getting in shape and I'm loving it. My younger brother who just started high school was already toned, so now we just compete for who has the better 6 pack. He probably will wind up becoming bigger than me though since he works out for football and doesn't have any scoliosis or stomach problems.
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