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Suffocation -- Pomona, CA -- October 30th, 2010

As I expected, this ended up being a pretty awesome show. I arrived around 4 to see some of the local bands opening the show. Unfortunately, I didn't know who all of the bands were beforehand. As I walked in the second band was setting up. I read their name on the lineup at the box office and knew this was going to be a disaster. I Hear They Burn for Murder had the absolute worst guitar tone I've ever heard. Their vocalist did mostly pig squeals with some high pitched screams thrown in. They played a lot of breakdowns in the one song I sat through before deciding to go take a walk outside. I was very thankful that the Glasshouse allows re-entry. Otherwise I might have killed myself before I saw any of the bands I came for.

Next up was Invection, a retro thrash band from Oakland. I can't stand most of the retro thrash bands out there, but I have a soft spot for Invection. Their new EP is actually pretty decent. They have some talent and I can definitely see them getting signed to Earache in the near future. Unfortunately the kick drum sounded terrible live. It was distracting during their set. They did get the crowd going though. I'll be looking out for their full length when it's released.
  1. Derealization
  2. Invection
  3. Stunted Survival
  4. Impulsive Violence
  5. Drug Justice
  6. Two Faced Lie

The next local band was Jhambi. I hadn't heard of these guys, so I thought I'd give them a chance. When I saw them setting up a keyboard on stage I had a bad feeling, and I should have just gone with it and went outside. Once again I made it through one song before my ears could stand no more.

Ossification was the last local band for the night. I've seen these guys twice before and I like them. They play brutal death metal in the style of Disgorge. Some technicality and heavy riffs mixed in. They put on a solid performance, although one of the guitarists was a bit sloppy.

Now Fleshgod Apocalypse was setting up. Honestly, I can't say I'm a fan of them. I can see their talent, but the music just doesn't click for me for some reason. I thought I might like them more after seeing them live, but I didn't. However, they were very tight and their drummer was a monster behind the kit. Sorry I do not know what they played.

Now it was time for Decrepit Birth. I always enjoy seeing them and this time was no exception. I was pleased with the set, recognizing the old material and also having some good new songs. I was a bit disappointed with the crowd though. The pit was hardly moving for most of the set, which I found odd, because the pits for Decrepit Birth have been intense every other time I've seen them. Anyway, they put on a great performance as usual.
  1. Prelude to the Apocalypse
  2. The Resonance
  3. The Infestation
  4. Diminishing Between Worlds
  5. Metatron
  6. Symbiosis

After Decrepit Birth, Through the Eyes of the Dead took the stage. It seems like most of the metal tours these days have a deathcore band stuck on them somewhere, so I was a bit happy to see these guys instead of Carnifex for the thousandth time. While they do have breakdowns, they are scarce in comparison to most of the deathcore scene, and unlike those bands, Through the Eyes of the Dead writes some decent riffs. I am taking this setlist from a previous show posted on I am pretty sure they played the same songs.
  1. As Good as Dead
  2. No Haven
  3. Perpetual Defilement
  4. Pull the Trigger
  5. Dementia
  6. Failure in the Flesh

Now The Faceless was up. I've seen them a couple times before and they do not disappoint. The new song sounded great and I was also happy that they played Pestilence. I'll be looking forward to their next album and seeing them on tour again.
  1. Planetary Duality I (Hideous Revelation)
  2. Planetary Duality II (A Prophecies Fruition)
  3. Coldly Calculated Design
  4. XenoChrist
  5. Pestilence
  6. Eidolon Reality
  7. An Autopsy
  8. The Ancient Covenant

Lastly, the New York legends took over. Suffocation crushed the stage with their unbelievably heavy sound. They were spot on and Frank paced the stage like a demented killer while vomiting hideous lyrics and doing endless blast hands. Suffocation live is a bludgeoning force most comparable to being hit in the face with a sledgehammer until your head takes the form of a crater. They played a set consisting of mostly older (and their best) material. I was happy to hear a good deal of my favorite songs and a couple not-so-often played ones. If you ever have the chance to see these guys live, I strongly recommend doing so.
  1. Liege of Inveracity
  2. Suspended in Tribulation
  3. Thrones of Blood
  4. Cataclysmic Purification
  5. Entrails of You
  6. Pierced From Within
  7. Funeral Inception
  8. Blood Oath
  9. Effigy of the Forgotten
  10. Torn Into Enthrallment
  11. Infecting the Crypts

Suffocation had about 5 shirts ranging in price from $15 to $25. I didn't remember to take note of the specifics. They also had The Close of a Chapter live CD in the self-released version as well as the Relapse release. Sorry I don't remember the prices of the other bands merch, but I know Decrepit Birth had all three of their albums for sale.
1.23 Ash Borer / Volahn
2.2 Obliteration
2.7 Mayhem / Inquisition

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