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Megadeth are just masters at what they do, they are like the Dream Theater of thrash metal. Of all the Big Four bands no one plays quite like Megadeth in my opinion. They are some of the best players out there and I think getting Chris Broderick was one of the best things Mustaine has ever done. Sounded like this was one hell of a show. I missed this tour sadly but caught Slayer/Megadeth/Testament in August and Megadeth/Testament/Exodus back in March, both of which were amazing. Hoping we get the Big Four in the USA next year. Anyone who got to see "Rattlehead" is sooo lucky. Just saw some footage on You Tube and it was killer. Great to see Kerry out there ripping it up with Dave.

I just picked up Megadeth's Rust in Peace live DVD which was recorded earlier this year and it is great. If you guys don't have it yet I highly recommend it.
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