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Here's some stories that I think are interesting:

1. During Hammerlord, near the end of their set, this girl got between me and the stage and made me grope her and she in turn groped my johnson and I was like damn bitch. She was kind of hot, but she had a sleeve tattoo and was wearing fairy wings so she probably had AIDs.

2. This one takes some backstory:

Okay, so I saw the band Serated back in September and I didn't really like them, but I gave them a review and I didn't really say anything negative. Hell, I said they have one of the best bass players I've ever seen! Well, a few weeks ago at Early Man they were like "this one's for all the reviewer's in the crowd!" and sang a song that said "FUCK YOU!" a bunch. Meh. It was whatever. But tonight took the cake. They called me out by "name" (mankvill) and were like "I HOPE IT SOUNDS OKAY, MANKVILL" and between songs they said "Thanks again to Serated's favorite reviewer, sorry I'm not wearing my Ben Folds Five shirt" and when he said the BFF bit I lost my shit from laughing so much. Jeff from Trog was like "OOH MAN, SICK BURN, HE GOT YOU." Nothing against Serated, they actually sounded better tonight, but come on, man. There's no such thing as bad press.

Oh, and big shout out to Nick_To_The_Face! Glad you could make it to the party!
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