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Thumbs up Immolation -- Chicago, IL -- October 28th, 2010

Pathology- I saw them on the Enthroned tour not too long ago and they somewhat sucked, but honestly they were pretty sweet this time. They have a new singer and 2 new guitar players and this was their first show with their current line-up and they played as if they had been a band for years. Also i was talking to one of the guitarists for a while after their set and he said they were going to be hopefully keeping this lineup for a while.

Lecherous Nocturne- Way Better then when i saw them with Cannibal Corpse. If they had a different singer theyd sound really good. I was greatly impressed with the bass player he was really talented, at many times moving all about the neck playing a part similar to the guitars, which was very complex.

Abigial Williams- I read a review of an earlier date of this tour and the reviewer said that they seemed like a totally different band, and wow they were right. They come out wearing full black metal get-ups complete with all the studs and spikes (but no corpse paint ) and played some kick ass black metal (my friend described it as "the singer grew his hair out and stopped being a pussy ). It was more ambient style, like a mix of Burzum and Emperor, and it sounded really good. One of the guitars went out in the middle of the set and the dude walked off stage, so the band played as a 3 piece for 2 songs until the guitarist finally rejoined them in the middle of the last song.

Oh and during their set, their was some dude who im sure was trippin on something (my guess is ecstasy due to they way he was moving). He was motioning along to all the parts of AW's set like he was fucking the air and was moving around not noticing anyone around him. Everyone was makin fun of him it was really funny, also because he was some gay looking Asian kid with a combover

Vader- Not much of an introduction is needed for the almighty Vader. They came out and raped the stage . They all seemed really happy to be there and were interacting with the crowd a lot. Piotr actually was moving around on stage as opposed to the last 2 times ive seen them hes just stood there the whole time . He looked at me many times during songs as i was yelling out the lyrics. I was pissed we didnt get an encore, but i guess they were short on time. After they played thier last song we were all yelling for more and Piotr came out and told us they didnt have time.

1) Silent Empire
2) And Act Of Darkness
3) Blood Of Kingu
4) Incarnation
5) Sothis
6) Revolt
7) Vision And The Voice
8) Reborn In Flames
9) Wings
10) Devilizer
11) Carnal

Immolation- I was happy to see not a lot of people clear out after Vader. I knew that this was going to be one of the best shows Id ever see and i was right, Immolation was perfect. I do wish they played one of the other sets i saw for this tour, because they had an awesome variety of old and new, but oh well Im not going to complain a lot due to them being so incredible! Theyre a huge influence on me and my playing (particularly Ross Dolan) and seeing them somewhat enlightened me. The sound quality was perfect and each musician played their part with extreme precision. Also, despite being on a tight time schedule, they took plenty of time to thank the crowd and they other bands in between songs, and told us that we're a great date for the last day of a tour. Also that they would be back some time around Spring. Unfortunatly they were sold out of almost all merch, but i was able to get a shirt with just they old school logo on it in my size, so i was happy.

1) The Purge
2) Majesty And Decay
3) Once Ordained
4) Father, Your Not A Father
5) Hate's Plague
6) Close To A World Below
7) Passion Kill
8) A Thunderous Consequence
9) Swarm Of Terror
10) Immolation
11) World Agony
12) Power And Shame
13) Harnessing Ruin
7/18-Iron Maiden
8/9-Summer Slaughter
8/23-Exodus, Malevolent Creation
10/22-Immolation, Vader
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