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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Fine. You asked for it. Keep in mind, this is my opinion. If you like BMTH, all the power to ya. I don't want to incite or offend anyone.

1. They were never anything special. BMTH started off as a mediocre deathcore band with Count Your Blessings, even by deathcore standards. Their riffs were pretty average, but at least they were playing their instruments, not punching the strings and ignoring their fuckin' left hands in a drunken stupor to create the pathetic excuse of songs consisting only of breakdowns.

2. Oh god. The hair. Why? Jesus H. fuckin' tapdancing Christ, why? That isn't metal. That isn't even masculine. What is that mop of complete fail on Oli Syke's head? Its like the entire piss poor excuse of a musical genre known as "emo" came and took a shit on the poor guy's head.


4. The girls. What. The. Hell. Have you actually youtubed a concert by them? I would say at least 75% the crowd are 14 year old emo girls. You see Oli jump up and yell, "Pray For Plagues! Yeah!", and the cacophony ensuing afterwards sounds like they're watching Justin Bieber butt fucking the Jonas Brothers. Oh god, this is making me sick...

5. Suicide Season. Okay, let me get this straight: Lets take out the only elements that made your band somewhat mediocre (not bad or good, just mediocre) and throw them out the fuckin' window. Lets not do those deathcore growls, its scaring all the little girls that go to your shows. Lets not solo, or play technical, or, nay, play the instruments with a left hand AT ALL. Lets just bang out some emo sounding chords, and put a retarded whiny yell over it all. Yeah, that will appeal to the mainstream! Cool!

6. Basically, they are leading the way in giving metal (and deathcore) a bad name. Bands like BMTH are one of the main reasons why people dismiss deathcore as shit. And frankly, I don't blame them. Its a shame, because there are some deathcore bands that I really like (Winds of Plague, All Shall Perish, early Whitechapel, Veil of Maya), and appreciate their musicianship. Coming from a background of playing the guitar and appreciating anything technical or created with soul and feeling, I cannot understand how BMTH is musical. What they're playing is becoming the new "Nu-Metal". It makes me sick to see the millions of views they get on myspace and youtube every day, knowing theres hundreds of other upcoming bands, twice as talented, that will never get that attention.

7. Emo Album Title. Any title more that 5 Words is an automatic for me. It wasn't too bad before, and I think they managed to fool enough true metal listeners into checking them out. But now, they've finally realized, "fuck it. We're not fooling anyone."

Overall, They're just a bad band. Especially musically. And I can't stand the image they give off. It literally makes me nauseous. Oh god, and don't even START me on slam dancing... If I was in a band of that level, and people were doing that at my show, I would immediately stop the music and call them out. We're all brothers and sisters in metal; we don't fuck around like we're on a violent powertrip. We look out for each other, and make sure we're all having a good time. The despicable image that follows this mediocre band makes me want to punch a wall. Disgusting.
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