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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
All fantastic points. I never would've given the new album a chance but I really liked "It Never Ends" so I decided to bite the bullet. I definitely wouldn't call them just a deathcore band anymore, nor would I call them "good" but they're better than what I expected.

And fuck dat hair
Fair enough. They have moved on from deathcore musically, but are still the posterboys for that whole scene, and influence a lot of bands by their first album and their image. Especially that fucking hair.

Case in point: look at the band Asking Alexandria. I have to suffer through watching them open for All That Remains in a couple weeks. Literally, every single member has the Oli Sykes hair. Every one. Just look at the huge image of them splashed across their myspace; it is quite possibly the greatest display of faggotry I have ever witnessed.
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