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Well with Lemuria Sirius B I think its unfair to compare since it was a double album. However if you take them together then yes it certainly has more 10/10 songs than the new record. As for Gothic Kabbalah, I know opinion among Therion fans on that cd is pretty devisive but I think it was the best album they have ever done. It was a very DIFFERENT album. And TOF the Trinity and Adulruna Redivia remain two of my favorite Therion songs of all time. For me Adulruna is up there with Via Nocturna. TOF the Trinity doesn't really sound like a Therion song but its a freakin kick ass metal song

Either way its a great cd and really Therion to me is just doing something no one else is really doing and that is something to be celebrated.
Don't go to Heaven, Cause its really only HELL!- "Don't Talk to Strangers" by Ronnie James Dio

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