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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
I'm really excited for this show! I've been dying to see Vader for a long time (I kept missing their numerous tours) and Immolation is great too. Now, while I do like Vader more than Immolation, I think it's stupid to leave before they play. I honestly don't get why you would leave unless you had to. Immolation and Vader are both great death metal bands, so why would you only see one and just go home? It just seems like a waste of money.

So if you're going to this show and you leave before Immolation, you're an idiot.
Exactly how I thought when I saw them in Chicago. Vader definitely should have headlined, I would say 75% at that show were there to see just them (including me). I definitely wanted to get my money's worth though. Immolation is still a sick band. It was weird; a huge pit was going for all of Vader and it was nonexistant for Immolation

I was up front on the rail the whole time so I didn't care. Both bands killed it; felt that I enjoyed Vader much more though. First time seeing them, they did not disappoint.
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