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I was initially going to get a ticket for this show when I went to go see Nevermore at Jaxx a couple of weeks ago. The old guy that does the register at the door told me to wait b/c, "Not a single person has purchased a ticket yet so we might wind up canceling the show." I was surprised as hell and he was all pissed off about it too - saying how the promoter shafted them by giving them a Monday night date.

Needless to say I'm glad that the show did go on as planned - it was my first time seeing Vader (bigger fan of them than Immolation.) and second time seeing Immolation. I saw them way back on the Nile tour with Krissiun, but I felt that they were a hell of a lot better this time around, headlining the show. Vader killed though! But...of course...just like 90% of the shows I go to - they didn't have the shirt I wanted in my size. It was pretty damn cool to see one of my favorite bands basically play me a "private show" though.

Ross kept thanking us for coming out though, which was cool, and I'm sure that the bands appreciated the fact that even though there was only a handful of people there it didn't keep us from moshing!

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