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Originally Posted by NecroRob View Post
I didn't notice if there were any pits at my show, I was too busy getting my mind blown from the rail to notice anything going on around me. I've never been to a show with that kind of atmosphere before, it was fucking incredible.

However, I thought 1349 was really quite boring. Their entire set consisted of lightning fast tremolo picking and blast beats and not much more. And they didn't talk at all during their set here either. It was kvlt, I guess. I really wish they played 15 minutes less and let Triptykon play 15 minutes more.

Also, I thought the crowd was fairly impressive for a Thursday night. WAY more people there then for Immolation the week before.
Wow I think you pretty much read my mind from my show. I liked 1349 but they showed me last night why its good to vary the songs w/ different tempos. They were good w/ what they did but it became a little much blast beat after blast beat and no interaction w/ the crowd. Even 1 more song from Triptykon would have even been nice.
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