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High On Fire -- Carrboro, NC -- October 27th, 2010

This was my first show in a while! I was stoked to finally go out again cause I've missed a number of shows that had come through NC. Alas, school and work will do that to you.

Anyway, got there pretty early and ran into Laura from Kylesa in the pizzeria right next to the Cat's Cradle, and talked to her for a little bit. I didn't know her family was there for the show that night, and I met a couple of her family members... which I guess is cool in a strange way. She was very polite, and seemed to be having a good time on the tour. I caught Steve Brooks right before Kylesa started and just shot the shit with him and my buddy Spencer for a few. Good dude.

Surprisingly enough, this was my first time seeing Kylesa. Let me rephrase that: this was my first time being on time to catch Kylesa. I missed them when they opened for Converge in 2006, missed them with Mastodon, and totally forgot about them when they stopped through Wilmington last year. Either way, I was excited to finally see them. Was not disappointed in the least! They were in top form last night, and they did pretty much everything off of Static Tensions I wanted to hear. I swear to god it looks like they have Adam Jones and John Baizley playing drums for them.

Kylesa set:

Hollow Severer
Unknown Awareness
Running Red
Where The Horizon Unfolds
Said And Done
Only One
Don't Look Back

Torche were up next, and I noticed that they had a fill-in drummer this time around. Dude still beat the shit out of his drums, so much so that he puked his guts out at the end of Tarpit Carnivore. Either that or he hasn't adjusted to Steve's guitar yet. :p They seemed into it, but not so much the crowd. It was kind of a bummer because they were one of my favorite sets at Dude Fest last year. I guess a crowd really can make or break a show. Also, the lack of Meanderthal material was pretty lame. But they did play the new record pretty much in its entirety. They still did great, otherwise. Face The Wall sounds massive live.

Torche set:

In Return
Lay Low
Face The Wall
Cast Into Unknown
Out Again
Charge Of The Brown Recluse
Tarpit Carnivore

(Side note, I'm listening to Songs For Singles as I'm typing this... my dad just came in and said that "This sounds really good!" Wtf, haha.)

And finally, High On Fire. Everyone was stoked, and surprisingly enough the room was still just as packed as it was during Torche/Kylesa -- maybe even more so. I missed them when they came through NC earlier this year, so I was stoked to see the new material. I always forget how heavy Des's drums are live. Sooo intense. Played a good mixture of everything, but I have to say that they're neglecting the Surrounded By Thieves album.... again.

High On Fire Set:

Frost Hammer
Blessed Black Wings
Waste Of Tiamat
Rumors Of War
Bastard Samurai
Fire, Flood & Plague
Snakes For The Divine

No encore, no Hung, Drawn And Quartered. But, they still hate raped my ears. It's always fun when you go to a show and you love all of the bands playing. Definitely catch this tour, if you have a chance.
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