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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
WOW...I have to correct you on that one man.....big time..
You must have been to the wrong show then.
those are videos of slayer playing the song "Seasons in the abyss" at the long beach show at the long beach and you're going to call this performance sloppy?..listen to jeff as his guitars explode right after kerrys creepy intro.....This performance is a flawless 10/10...both videos are from different angles and from different people who were at the same show...but there both amazing quality and you can hear Jeff beautifully...your ears must have not been working that night dude....cause it most definitely was not all kerry king

Heres the crappy gibson hollywood show of them playing the same exact the one above.....all i here is kerry, No tom or jeff

You can not hear jeff at all....such a compare this to the long beach one....HUGE...HUGE DIFFERENCE...jeff is totally mute on this pains me to see or hear this since I like jeff way more then kerry.

Watch both long beach and hollywoods show, there is a HUGE difference....and you're going to tell me you cant hear jeff?....Sounds like you need to get your ears checked..

I attended both of these shows. the show last week totally blows...The one in august will go down as one of the greatest metal shows of my life...that wall of death during Testament was glorious..
get your eyes checked. I typed that I could only hear Kerry. I'm sure about that. I was at the far right side of the stage at both of those shows. When I have seen slayer from the middle it's a good mix, but when I'm in front of only one guitarist, all I can hear is that member's instrument.
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