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Originally Posted by SplinterMech View Post
Nachtmystium live and Nachtmystium on CD are almost two completely different things to me. How I see it, they go for a very straightforward, punk vibe when they play live, stripping out a lot of the more psychedelic and melodic aspects in favor of energy and attitude, their music coming through the speakers like a wall of fucking noise... and I absolutely love it. They closed out their their show on the US Plague Tour with a cover of GG Allin's "I Kill Everything I Fuck" and it was goddamn incredible. It's not for some people and that's cool, but I'm dying to see them again. I missed them opening for Kreator and I missed them opening for Eyehategod, two things I'm really bummed about. I actually had tickets to their co-headlining gig in Baltimore with Venomous Concept, but the Nachtmystium half of that show was dropped by the promoter one day prior to the concert. Fucking. Bullshit.
That's the tour I saw them on. Maybe it was because they were so out of place, but they really weren't all that enjoyable. And they seriously had the worst sounding guitar tone I've ever heard.
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