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Nachtmystium live and Nachtmystium on CD are almost two completely different things to me. How I see it, they go for a very straightforward, punk vibe when they play live, stripping out a lot of the more psychedelic and melodic aspects in favor of energy and attitude, their music coming through the speakers like a wall of fucking noise... and I absolutely love it. They closed out their their show on the US Plague Tour with a cover of GG Allin's "I Kill Everything I Fuck" and it was goddamn incredible. It's not for some people and that's cool, but I'm dying to see them again. I missed them opening for Kreator and I missed them opening for Eyehategod, two things I'm really bummed about. I actually had tickets to their co-headlining gig in Baltimore with Venomous Concept, but the Nachtmystium half of that show was dropped by the promoter one day prior to the concert. Fucking. Bullshit.
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