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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
Did you go to the Long beach show with Testament and Megadeth aswell? didn't slayers play an epic show man? are we even talking about the same show? You say Tom had a speech but at the long beach show the only things he said was thanks for the people showing up and then he said good night untill next the HOLLYWOOD show he did have a speech though about underage drinking ahahaha, i just wanna know if where talking about the same show...If anyone here went to the long beach show at the long beach arena you can agree with me 10000% that slayers performance was a hell of a lot better then then Gibson in hollywood(if you attended that one too).....there performance was flawless....sadly i cant say that about the gibson
Slayer's intro with the sheet and world painted blood got me amped at long beach and that just set the mood for their set. And yeah man I'm talking about the speech at the end of the set at the Gibson show; I thought it was lame. I get why and stuff but I thought it was lame that Tom had to do it. And I thought Slayer played well but their performance was lacking energy from them, it felt very impersonal alongside all the other things with the sound and stuff.
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