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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
I loathe NBA, but I'm watching the Celtics/Heat game right now. Maybe I'll be a casual fan this season.
I never thought in a million fucking years I would be rooting for the Celtics to win a game (or giving a fuck whether they did or not), but last night, there I was.

...and it was sweet. Take that, you egomaniacal backstabber.

I disagree with you, Brad. I really think the cHeat are gonna have some major issues with how to run their offense. Last night, Lebron did what he always did here - he eventually carried the entire game on his shoulders when the rest of the team faltered - and much like it used to happen in Cleveland, it wasn't quite enough. Now I'll admit that the surrounding cast he has now is much better (at least, on paper) than it was for him with the Cavs a few years ago, but in my mind, if the overall machine is having trouble, it doesn't matter if a few parts are running well. The whole thing needs to work. Of course, maybe they'll iron out these issues - who knows. Only time will tell. I honestly think there are going to be ego problems, though - I really do.

Anyway, it was nice to see Lebron have to take one on the chin in his first game with the cHeat.

Oh, and I wouldn't count the Cavs out, either. They're still a very good team. I mean, they did go 6-2 in the preseason, as compared with Miami's 3-4 record. I know the preseason doesn't really count, but still. A 6-2 record is enough to convince me that the Cavs aren't completely broken, and a 3-4 record is enough to convince me that there may be some chemistry problems with Miami. Just sayin'.

The Cavs aren't going to win the Finals this year or anything, but the tought that the team would simply crumble and implode when Lebron left is already proving to be bullshit. I actually think they're gonna give the Celtics a helluva run tonight, and they'll be a real spoiler for the entire season, methinks. They might even make the playoffs.
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